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History of the church of Yvetot

There is much misunderstanding in France regarding Protestant Evangelical churches.
Therefore, we invite you to read the section
“A Little History” : the history on Protestantism and Evangelicals.

Here is some of the history of the Protestant Evangelical Church of Yvetot :

The beginning :
At the end of 1994, meetings began in homes as well as in community rooms in our town.
The number of people began to grow, and in September 1996 we looked for a place corresponding to our needs. We found what we needed at 4 rue de l’Avalasse in Yvetot, a 110 m2 room right in the middle of downtown and 50m from the post office.

A charity association “La Rencontre” :
A charity association was created in 1996, to aid the misfortunate and those who are in distress, according to Isaiah 58 (the Bible).
The name of the association “La Rencontre” means “The Meeting”.
See the section "La Rencontre" for more precise information.
You can also visit the site of the association : http://www.larencontreyvetot.eu

Religious Association :
The church is associated with the ELIM movement churches (existing for more than 100 years in England following the great spiritual revival of Wales).

2006 European Conference in Spain

This allows the church not to be independent but to have relationships with other churches in France as well as in other countries.

Purchase of our building :
For two years, we were renters, and in 1998 the owner decided to sell his building. This was a huge adventure to launch in a purchase which largely exceeded our means. After a string of divine interventions we became owners of the building without any debt.

Our meeting place at 4 rue de l’Avalasse in Yvetot

Missionary work: :
We have 2 missions in Senegal.

See the sections "Mission Diattacounda" and "Mission Warang" for more precise information.

We support TV evangelization.
We also support a church in Israel.

Operation of the Church :
- We work to respond to the call of our Lord to go into all the world making disciples ».
- And for this we have a vision of two types of cell groups :
  • Discipleship training cell groups
  • Evangelization cell groups
This also allow a life of :
  • Fellowship, sharing of needs
  • Prayer, praise
  • Edification through teaching
  • Evangelization
  • Training
The cell groups are directed by a committee which includes the pastoral couple and individual cell group leaders. Testimony, brotherly fellowship, prayer, praise, and providing for the needs of one another are part of the cell activities. Little by little, the church grows in number, and the disciple grows in maturity.

- Our worship services are each Sunday morning at 9:45 AM, after which we have lunch together. We also have 3 prayer meetings in the morning and the evening, one on Tuesday at 7.00 am, the other on Friday at 9.00 pm and the last one on Sunday at 7.30 am.

- Approximately once a month, we have a visiting pastor, sometimes from different denominations.

Worship service with the Pastor Jean-Pierre Charlet

- During the week we have training meetings on Tuesdays and evangelism meetings on Thursdays. Every last Thursday of the month, we assemble all the cell groups together at the church building.

Tuesday evening training meeting

- Each Saturday at the end of the month, we organize an evening coffee bar with either a concert, an evening by theme, the projection of a film, or a documentary with sharing. Christians bring their non-Christian friends and family to the church in order for them to hear the gospel in different forms.

Concert by the group Azaria

Concert by M.E.I. Paris

The pastor participates to pastor conventions :
  • National denominational and interdenominational
  • Regional denominational and interdenominational
This facilitates sharing and complementarities between churches.

Visit to another church by the pastor

The church participates in common assemblies...

Youth Convention

...as well as for baptisms (which are generally held at the church in Amfreville-la-Mivoie)

Baptisms of Coralie and Anthony

Bible Training :
- Each new members is in a first phase invited to go through a discipleship training. Later training on the basics of Christian life and service is taught through the course "Trans Formation".
For more precise information, see the section "Bible School"

And now ?
- Now we are more and more squeezed in our building and pray to have a larger building in order to be able to respond to the expansion we are experiencing. We are praying and searching.
- We develop a life of prayer and learn to stand in the gap.
- We also have a project to develop a private Christian school. We need a lot of prayer and support about this.
- The church is very active, though we are aware that work remains in our personal and community lives.